MediaMover 3.1

Media management utility for Avid editing systems


  • Works with all Avid formats
  • Backups video data much more intuitively and quickly
  • Works with local and network drives


  • Only works with Avid editors


Avid editing systems are standard across the video editing industry but in more recent times, they've also become available to home PC and Mac users. Managing video projects can still be tricky on Avid systems though which is why MediaMover was developed.

However, organizing video editing projects in Avid is not always as easy as it seems and MediaMover is designed to lend you a helping hand. MediaMover works with a wide range of Avid products including Avid Media Composer, Nitris, Adrenaline, Mojo, Xpress, Liquid, NewsCutter, Symphony or DS. The basic principle of MediaMover is that it makes backing up and deleting projects much quicker which is a huge task when you can be working with projects several hundred gigabytes in size. MediaMover works with both local and network drives so it doesn't matter where your media is stored.

MediaMover is quite useful if you're not sure how much space you've got left on a storage media because it dynamically monitors drive space and will warn you if a project is going to fill up your drive or lack space before you spend lots of wasted time capturing or copying video files. In addition, if you're working with multiple drives, MediaMover can generate reports for each one and can be programmed to automatically backup projects at specific intervals.

MediaMover is a useful tool for an Avid editor who finds themselves dealing with huge amounts of video data but has no easy way to manage and back it up.



MediaMover 3.1

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